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Sylvan Township is filling some important roles at township hall

Sylvan Township has a new person helping out as the Planning and Zoning Administrator, but it still needs help in certain areas, specifically on some commissions/boards that need filling.

On Dec. 28, to close out 2023, Sylvan Township announced the addition of the new Planning and Zoning Administrator. Scott Pacheco, a native of Chelsea, comes to the township with extensive experience for such an important role.

Very familiar with the community, Pacheco grew up in Chelsea; attended Chelsea schools and currently resides in the city of Chelsea. His education includes an Urban and Regional Planning Degree from Michigan State University, which he earned in 1997.

In his introductory letter to the Sylvan Township community, Pacheco details his experience.

In 2013, he said he returned to Michigan and from 2013 to 2014, he worked with Sylvan Township, Stockbridge Township, and The Village of Stockbridge as a Temporary Planner and Zoning specialist. In early 2014, he said he secured a full-time position as the Planning and Zoning Director for Hamburg Township, and then in 2017, he transitioned to the role of Township Planner on a part-time basis, allowing him the opportunity to assist other communities.

He said he continued to provide planning services to Hamburg Township until January of 2023.

“Currently, I am providing Planning Services to Lyndon Township, Norvell Township, and Private Developers through SP Urban Planning Service, a sole proprietorship where I am the sole employee,” he said in his letter. “I also provide zoning services as a temporary employee to Lyndon Township and will be providing Sylvan Township with both Planning and Zoning Services as a temporary employee.”

Explaining his experience and knowledge, Pacheco said, “Over the past 23 years, I have cultivated a robust career as a professional planner, gaining valuable experience in diverse locations such as Colorado, California, and Michigan. My professional planning career has led me to work with various municipal governments, including County, City, Village, and Township entities.”

He said his passion lies in assisting smaller communities within Michigan by educating them on the benefits of utilizing a professional planner. His goal is to work in communities where he can offer specialized planning services tailored to the specific goals and objectives of that community.

“With my history in the region and firsthand knowledge of the local community, I am confident in my ability to provide your municipality with a personalized approach to urban planning,” he said, and added, “I look forward to providing Sylvan Township with professional service to help move the Township forward in a successful manner.”

His help will be good for the township, but there are other areas in need inside township hall. Sylvan Township has or will have some vacancies for regular members or alternates on the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Board of Review.

To learn more about this, go to the township website where there is also a Declaration of Interest to complete and return to the township form for those interested.

The township website is at: https://sylvantownshipmi.gov/