Sylvan Township Residents Now Have to Pay Deposit

By Mary Hall

A new deposit will now be required of residents wishing to obtain zoning compliance with regards to water and sewer.  New home owners wishing to locate well and/or sewer location and require the services of the Sylvan Township Zoning Department, will be required to pay for that service. Existing home owners in Sylvan Township planning additional construction or digging that need to make certain where water and/or sewer lines are located will also be required to pay for zoning department services. This decision was made during the July 10, 2018 board meeting after much discussion and a formal vote.

Prior to that vote the township had been picking up the tab when residents required this service.  The township currently has no department of public works employee on staff to handle the requests, so they were being outsourced.

Carol Konieczki, Zoning Officer for Sylvan Township, explained that until the township hires their own DPW employee, the township would be better off financially by requiring a deposit from it’s residents.  Then, should the required work cost less than the $500.00 agreed upon deposit, the resident will receive a refund.  Should it cost more, the resident will be charged the difference.

While there is not currently a DPW employee on staff with Sylvan Township, there was talk of working on hiring someone to handle these requests.  In this way, residents would pay much less, only the actual cost of what that employee is paid over the time it takes to do the job.

One board member was overheard saying, “The tax payers deserve to have a DPW in house to pay cheaper rates.”

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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