By Mary Hall

Board Members of Sylvan Township discussed at length, during their regular meeting May 1, the possibility of not using the Washtenaw County Road Commission’s services when it comes to maintaining their dirt roads.

Supervisor Tom McKinnon explained that in order to take advantage of the county’s 50/50 matching program, which allows for the county to pay half the cost of road repairs, the township will have to accept the County’s list of roads they feel need to be repaired.  However, township board officials don’t necessarily agree with that list and feel that some of the roads that ar more in need get overlooked because it is more cost effective to repair the roads that are in less need of repair, leaving the roads that are in greater need not attended to.

However, if the township chooses to attack road repair without Washtenaw County, they will have to absorb the entire cost.


A question arose as to whether there was a monetary limit to the fifty percent Washtenaw County would contribute, as the information provided by the County was unclear.  The board passed a motion to table the discussion until more information could be gathered as to what, if any, monetary limit there might be in terms of Washtenaw County’s contribution. 

Supervisor Tom McKernon agreed to get additional information and present it at the next board meeting. In the meantime, the Board members stated that, while they do not know the precise schedule, brining of dirt roads by the County was to start in May.


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