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Tecumseh Paddling Company

Editor’s note: In its May 15, 2024, edition, the Sun Times News included a special “Discover Tecumseh” section. It contains articles describing many of the businesses and community life in this charming town. We’re running the articles online and encourage you to add a trip to Tecumseh to your list of fun things to do this summer.

Tecumseh Paddling Company, nestled along the River Raisin in Michigan, offers an adventure-filled experience suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the stable boats and excellent equipment ensure a safe and enjoyable outing. Their stellar staff is ready to guide you, making it a family-friendly destination that accommodates both easy and challenging water activities.

Rent a canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or rowboat starting at just $10 per hour to explore the River Raisin’s crooked and intriguing path. Known for its natural beauty, this river features 84 species of fish and 21 species of mussels, creating a diverse and fascinating ecosystem to discover.

Located in Satterthwaite Park, the company is also surrounded by other recreational options like a skate park, tennis courts, nature trails, and more.

Tecumseh Paddling Company caters to all interests with guided river trips and serene pond paddling. Stand-up paddleboarding offers a refreshing challenge while traditional kayaking is perfect for those seeking a more laid-back journey. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor experience, gather your adventurous spirit and head to Tecumseh Paddling Company for a memorable day on the water.

See you soon at Tecumseh Paddling Company and let nature meets your adventure.

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