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Thanksgiving is a holiday of numbers – how far we are traveling, how many people are coming, where we fall on the 3,000 – 4,500 calorie continuum for the average Thanksgiving meal. Things like that.

If conversation hits a lull, here’s some useless but fun information about U.S. Thanksgiving stats you can pull up to keep things moving.

46 million: number of turkeys sold | U.S. Egg & Poultry Assoc.


1.15 billion: pounds of turkey sold | U.S. Egg & Poultry Assoc.

21,450: pounds of ham | Washington Examiner

9,114: pounds of stuffing | Washington Examiner

88: percentage of people most thankful for family |Wallethub

77: percentage of people most thankful for health |Wallethub

91: percentage of people making long-distance trips by car | Bureau of Transportation Statistics

214: miles for the average long-distance trip | Bureau of Transportation Statistics

100,000: number of questions fielded by the Butterball Turkey hotline each November and December | Wallethub

53: percentage of people dreading a conversation about politics over Thanksgiving dinner | Wallethub

1.5 billion: pounds of pumpkin produced | Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

4: number of towns named ‘Turkey’ | Wallethub

214 million: pounds of potatoes sold |National Grocers Assoc.

50 million: pounds of sweet potatoes sold | National Grocers Assoc.

30 million: pounds of deli-prepared mashed potatoes | National Grocers Assoc.

37.4 million: dollars spent on gravy and seasoning | National Grocers Assoc.

63: percentage of people having wine with their meal | Wallethub

50 million: number of people watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | Wallethub

Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade | Photo: Erik Przkop, Some Rights Reserved

81: number of city trucks filled with sand and salt on the parade site in case of attack | Wallethub

3: NFL games scheduled

55 million: how many people are traveling | AAA

12: percent increase in ER visits around the holidays | Business Insider

49,400: number of drivers seriously injured in Thanksgiving car crashes | Wallethub

433: number car crash fatalities over the weekend | Wallethub

Travel safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


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