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Who would have thought that the impending apocalypse could be so uproariously entertaining?

David McGregor’s world premiere production of “The Antichrist Cometh” takes audiences on a sidesplitting journey through the realms of good and evil, all while pondering which side will triumph in the ultimate showdown.

The story unfolds as John (played by Ryan Patrick Welsh) and his wife Lili (portrayed by Hope Shangle) prepare for a dinner party with John’s old college buddy Duncan (enacted by Ryan Carlson) and his soon-to-be-discovered fiancée Fiona (brought to life by Ashley Wickett).

As John frets about the inevitability of aging and grapples with concerns over potential hair loss and suspicious marks on his scalp, Lili can’t help but notice a striking resemblance to the biblical “666” – the mark of the beast. What ensues is a hilarious exchange as John’s paranoia sets the stage for a series of laugh-out-loud moments.

Photo by Sean Carter Photography

The arrival of Duncan and Fiona only adds fuel to the comedic fire, with Duncan gleefully sharing news of their engagement and extending an offer to John to be his best man. Amidst the celebrations and flowing alcohol, Fiona’s devout Christian beliefs clash with revelations about John’s uncanny ability to influence others, leading to uproarious confrontations and escalating tensions.

As suspicions mount and the possibility of John being the antichrist looms, Fiona embarks on a mission to prevent the impending apocalypse – even if it means contemplating drastic measures.

Caught in the crossfire of comedic chaos, Duncan attempts to navigate the absurdity with diplomatic humor, while the characters find themselves embroiled in a whirlwind of twists and turns that culminate in a jaw-dropping finale.

Photo by Sean Carter Photography

With its clever blend of humor, innuendo, and unexpected plot twists, “The Antichrist Cometh” delivers non-stop entertainment suitable for mature audiences.

The impeccable set design by Sarah Pearline, coupled with Matt Taylor’s atmospheric lighting, sets the perfect stage for the uproarious antics that unfold within the confines of the living room setting.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the uproarious hilarity of “The Antichrist Cometh” at the Purple Rose Theater, running until May 25th. Tickets are available online at Purple Rose Theatre or by calling the box office at 734-433-7673.

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