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Chelsea, Community

There’s Strummin’ Goin’ On

Members of the CSC ukelele class play Happy Birthday at the January meeting.

By Virginia Rezmierski

Familiar music, ukulele strumming, singing, and laughter are heard coming from Room 114 at the Chelsea Senior Center. This happens each Tuesday of the month from 1:30-2:30, when the Ukulele Group meets.

Started in 2017 by Gary Munce, then led by Jim Alford for six years, the group is now organized and led by Sarah Musko. From a membership of about 35, each week, 10-15 people show up to make music together. Other people come to the Center simply to sing with the strumming and enjoy the old-time popular tunes. Occasionally, upon request, the ukulele group entertains at Senior Center events and at locations such as Silver Maples and the St. Louis Center.

Jim Alford strumming and singing Happy Birthday with the group.

Ukuleles come in many sizes, types and qualities: soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass. If you have a ukulele, you are welcome to join. For those who do not yet have a uke, there are instruments to borrow. The group also accepts donated ukuleles that are no longer being played.

Already know how to play? Come join the group! If you don’t know how to play you are also welcome. Several of the members are self-taught or have learned to play in the group where simple chords are taught and members help each other. This is not a class, it’s a relaxed time together where fun is the goal and you can sing or learn how to play if you want.

Did you know that strumming a ukulele can even raise your heart rate? Not exactly the same as jogging, but still good for your health, as is laughter and good fellowship. If music and fun strike a chord in your heart (pun intended) visit and join this group! You will be glad you did.

Chords are projected on a large screen so all participants can see the music.

To learn more about music at the Chelsea Senior Center, the Jam sessions on Wednesdays or the Joyful Noise singing group in the cafeteria, check the Senior Center’s web postings.

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