Dexter’s Boy Scout Troop 448 recognized four new Eagle Scouts July 14 – William Castle, Drew Mathews, Rhain Prevost, and James Varblow.  The Eagle Court of Honor ceremony was held at Dexter United Methodist Church, the Troop’s Chartered Organization.

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest achievement in the Boy Scout Program of the Boy Scouts of America.  To become an Eagle Scout, among many other requirements, a scout must complete an Eagle Scout Service Project, which is an opportunity for the scout to demonstrate leadership by completing a project that benefits the community.  Troop 448’s four new Eagle Scouts completed the following Eagle Scout Service Projects.

William Castle accomplished an ambitious project at the Scio Community Alliance Church in Scio Township. William led the construction of a large, outdoor storage shed to support the Church’s summer activities.  This project was completed over several months in the fall of 2017, and it included building the foundation for the shed, and constructing, painting, and roofing the shed.


Drew Mathews completed his project at Glacier Hills Senior Living Community in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Drew led a team that designed and built a custom-fit table for seniors using wheelchairs at the facility.  He completed and delivered his project to Glacier Hills in March of this year.

Rhain Prevost finished his project at Howell Nature Center, which is a facility that includes activities to rehabilitate wild animals.  Rhain led the construction of a wildlife structure to provide additional cover for animals in the Nature Center during the winter months.  Rhain organized his fellow scouts and leaders and constructed and delivered the animal wildlife structure to the Howell Nature Center late last year.

James Varblow completed his project in the fall of 2017 at Faith in Action in Chelsea, Michigan.  The goal of his project was to repair and refurbish two storage sheds that are used by the non-profit community organization for garden equipment and donation storage.  The main phases of the project included lifting and stabilizing the foundation of one of the sheds, building a mower ramp to improve the functionality of the shed, and constructing storage shelves for another shed.

The Scouts are thankful to the organizations for providing the opportunity to serve them, as well as the other scouts, scout leaders, mentors, parents, and community members that supported them.

Boy Scout Troop 448 was originally chartered in 1970, and it is currently a member of the Southern Shores Field Service Council in the Huron Trails District.  Over the past year, the Troop has completed community service projects at Alpha House, the Dexter Library, Gordon Hall Days, and Dexter UMC, while enjoying outings such as backpacking at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, attending Boy Scout summer camp, go-karting and Whirly Ball, and whitewater rafting in West Virginia.

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