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The city of Chelsea held their bi-monthly city council meeting on Oct. 7 with a full agenda of council business.

First, the city approved a budgeted item, the parapet wall on the roof of 305 S. Main Street, the city offices. The orange tile structure has deteriorated and after staff looked into replacing the panels, but they determined the parapet wall wasn’t a durable system.

After receiving three bids and deciding to change the color to match with other updates to signage in the city, they approved the bid from Billy White Roofing for the price of $29,600, $400 below the estimated cost.


Next, the staff approved a resolution to authorize the Mayor and City  Manager to sign a Michigan Department of Transportation contract.

City Manager John Hanifan reported that, with the help of Suzann Flowers and the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, the city had been awarded Small Urban Surface Transportation Program grant for the upcoming 20-21 state fiscal year.

Awarded $71,020, or 81.85% of the eligible project costs, whichever is less, the money will go towards installing three pedestrian refuge islands. Those islands will be on Wilkinson Street at Chandler and Wellington Streets and at a mid-block crosswalk near The Pines. Infilling of the sidewalk east of Freer road along the Oak Grove Cemetery is also planned

The estimated cost, $84,100, is based on preliminary estimates. $68,800 would be federal funds and $15,300 would come from major street funds for the city.

The project is slated to be bid in November, with construction planned to start in the summer after school is out.

Mayor Melissa Johnson noted her excitement for this specific project as the city has focused on pedestrian safety.

Finally, the city set an annual goal and objective work session for the fall. The city did something similar in February and at that meeting, the city council decided to add a fall review of annual goals and objectives for the current fiscal year.

The purpose us to check in on the goals and objectives set for the current year and discuss adjustments or additions of necessary

Council set Oct. 21, before the regularly scheduled city council, for the fall review session.


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