Updates on Lyndon Township Broadband

By Lynne Beauchamp, lbeauchamp@thesuntimesnews.com

Lyndon Township residents may have noticed activity within the township that relates to the voter approved township-wide broadband infrastructure project.

Gary Munce, spokesperson for Lyndon Township Broadband provided the township board with updates on the progress of the project during a regular township board meeting on June 12.

“We have reached a monumental step,” Munce reported.

Munce said Finley Engineering, which Lyndon Township hired to oversee the broadband project, has been throughout the township mapping out where to place fiber optic cables based on the topography and other conditions of the land. With this information from the engineering company, the broadband project has advanced to the next step which is to put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) on a bid for the construction phase of the project-installing and burying the cable.

He added the Lyndon Township Broadband Committee is working with the Washtenaw County Road Commission, DNR and DEQ in obtaining the necessary permits for the installation of the cable and is also working with private road associations and its residents to discuss access for cable installation along the private roads. Munce said there are approximately 62 miles of public roads and 14 miles of private roads in Lyndon Township.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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