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Verapose Yoga House Launches Movement and Meditation Challenge

By Trevor Sullivan

Verapose Yoga House, located in downtown Dexter, is launching a free, community-wide Movement and Meditation Challenge (M&M Challenge) starting June 15th and running through mid-August.

Inspired by the upcoming closure of Baker Road, Courtney wants to motivate the public to get more steps in. “I’m hoping, with all of this construction, we can inspire our community members to ride their bikes more and to walk to the store more often, which sets the stage for calming and preparing our minds for meditation. All of this helps mitigate the tremendous stress that everyone is under and that our Michigan construction season brings.”

Courtney Fitzpatrick opened the business in 2015, with her focus being on helping the community be more active, as well as providing a place to learn and practice meditation. 

For the M&M Challenge, Verapose will be offering free movement and mediation sessions each Wednesday at 7pm. People will meet at the Yoga House and participate in a 30-minute community walk, where you’ll get to meet others, and then conclude with 10-minute meditation sessions led by an instructor. 

Courtney has teamed up with other local businesses for participants to enter a weekly $25 raffle, including Fox&Feather, 3Bird, Grace Proper, Carosello Pasta, Proven, Tiani’s, Cass&Co, Pulse Nutrition, Lily’s Place, and Erratic Ale Co. The drawing will happen every Wednesday at 7pm.

They’ll be providing accountability tracking cards at their location, in addition to any of the partnered businesses’ locations, where participants can track their weekly movement and meditation. Once completed, people can scan and email teamverapose@gmail.com or drop it off at their mailbox at 3173 Baker Road in order to enter the raffle. There is no minimum total minutes required to enter. “You can’t change anything unless you track it,” Courtney says.