Village Names Citizen Advisory Committee

By: Seth Kinker,

On Jan. 7 the village of Manchester took the first steps in becoming a city, forming a citizen advisory committee to begin looking at the possibility at their first village council meeting of the new year. 

Village president Pat Vailliencourt presented council with nine names of village residents; Denise Collins, Scott Dunsmore, Pat Fielder, Rick Finger, Jack Gould, James Keller, Leslie Kiesel, Carol LaRock, and Herb Mahoney.

“I’m really pleased,” Vailliencourt told The Sun Times on Jan. 9. “We have a nice diverse group representing all aspects of the village now and they’ll do a wonderful job I’m sure.” 

The first meeting will be towards the end of January, open to the public, and will be when they set meeting dates and times. 

Until then, the village is putting together binders of information for the nine committee members to study. The binder has information from Chelsea, Dexter, Jonesville, and other local municipalities that have gone through the process as well as state laws and what their role is as the advisory committee. 

After that, the committee takes over how they want to approach the topic whether that’s looking at everything that would need to be done or bringing in any speakers to learn more about the process. 

I’ll be there as a staff liaison and we’ll try and get them the information they need to get towards making a decision,” said Village Manager Jeff Wallace. 

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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