Dan Munzel is sworn in as Webster Township Trustee

| 3 min read | by Lonnie Huhman, |

The Webster Township Board is now whole again after selecting township resident Dan Munzel as the new board trustee.

By a unanimous vote at its Oct. 15 meeting, the township board picked Munzel from a pool of five candidates to fill in for the remainder of John Scharf’s term, who was appointed at the previous board meeting to be the new treasurer to fill in for the late Carol Whitney. The seat, like the others, is up for election next year.

The other candidates included township residents Eric Borregard, Kay Stremler, Rob Mitzel and Barbara Libra.


Before selecting Munzel, the board said all five were good candidates, but they centered in on two or three. Scharf said he was grateful to see five candidates apply for the role, but for him Munzel and Mitzel stood out, which board trustee Brant Savander agreed with and added Stremler to the list.

Munzel has been a township resident since 1997 and has been serving as a township representative on the Dexter Area Fire Administration Board, and previously served on the Loch Alpine Improvement Association Board as a member and president.

Mitzel has served as a township planning commissioner, including as the chairman; on the Dexter Community Schools Board of Education; on the township’s farmland and open space preservation board and as a city councilman in Novi, when he lived there.

Stremler is currently serving on the township planning commission.

Professionally, Munzel works as a Director of Real Estate for ITC Holdings Corporation. His resume states he manages the day-today real property management functions and staff within the legal department.

Mitzel is with IT Management at Ford Motor Company while Stremler is an Academic ESL and Professional Communication Instructor at Eastern Michigan University.

Scharf said both Munzel and Mitzel could bring helpful experience, and said he is a proponent of having a diverse board, but thinks they were the best candidates. 

He cited Munzel’s service on the fire board and said in attending nearly every fire board meeting, he has seen Munzel representing the township well and thinks with the township facing such decisions as the possibility of building a new fire station that Munzel has a good understanding of some important issues.

The rest of the board seemed to agree because it ended with a 6-0 vote for Munzel.

During the public comment portion of the Oct. 15 meeting, Munzel said he believes strongly in community service. He said he also thinks he has the experience, background and skills to contribute immediately.

In his letter of interest for the role, Munzel said in part, “I would like to serve on the Township Board to ensure Township resources are planned and spent appropriately. A key issue facing the Township is the construction of the new fire station and funding the annual operation of the facility into the future. My knowledge of the DADF operations and relationships with leaders, both management and firefighters will be useful to the Board. I would also like to serve on the Board and work to preserve the character of the Township, maintaining farmland and open space, while balancing the pressure of residential development. I believe my knowledge of real estate matters and professional experience give me a unique perspective and will make me a valuable addition to the Board.”

Munzel was sworn in after the vote and did sit in with the township board that evening and made a handful of votes.