July 15, 2024 Donate

Chelsea, Michigan

Winterfest! Fun For All at Chelsea’s Michigan Friends Center

On Sunday, March 3, the Michigan Friends Center will be reviving its Winterfest! open house.  Last held in 2019, Winterfest! is an afternoon of activities to appeal to families and individuals of all ages.

Nature scavenger hunts for kids are planned, with acoustic guitar by local musician, Dale Osborn, as an indoor option.  The scavenger hunt will be followed by cocoa and cookies, storytelling by Ann Arbor Storyteller’s Guild member Lorelle Otis, and a didgeridoo performance by the Werderitsch’s, a local father and son team.  If the weather is right, participants are encouraged to bring sleds to enjoy nearby sledding.

courtesy of Michigan Friends Center, didgeridoo

“I think we all start to get a bit of cabin fever by late February and here is a chance to wear out the kids on an outdoor scavenger hunt, enjoy music, storytelling, and the pleasure of each other’s company.  If you are in town, there is no better place to be!” said Pat Hopkinson, program host.

The Michigan Friends Center is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit community and conference center two miles northwest of Chelsea, located on the grounds of Friends Lake Community.  The Center has been serving the Chelsea area for the past 30 years, offering both a facility for other groups to meet and public programs on environmental sustainability, peace and justice, and wholistic health (including spiritual growth).

“Groups of fewer than 100 find a renewed sense of connection with each other, the natural world, spirit or purpose, and even with themselves after time spent at the Center,” said Carolyn Holland, Michigan Friends Center manager.

The event will be occurring from 2-5 pm Sunday, March 3, 2024 at the Michigan Friends Center, 7748 Clark Lake Road, Chelsea, Michigan.  There is no charge; donations will be cheerfully accepted.

“Please preregister if you can by calling the Friends Center (734) 475-1982 or email manager@mfcenter.org.  If you can’t, we will still be happy to see you,” said Holland.

Photos courtesy of Michigan Friends Center