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WXYZ Channel 7 Aires Interview with Local Artist on Art and Autism

Dexter artist Crissy Stratford will be featured in a segment on WXYZ Channel 7, where she discusses the application of art in educational methods for children with autism. The interview is scheduled to broadcast on Friday (April 12th) at 6:00 a.m., with additional showings at either 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., and will subsequently be available on the channel’s website.

Stratford, who is both an artist and a mother to a son with autism, has adapted art to enhance her son’s understanding of academic material. By transforming school study guides and tests into visual formats, she has effectively improved his comprehension and learning processes. This method, she notes, has proven successful for her child.

Beyond her personal use of art, Stratford has extended these techniques into her professional life. As a paraprofessional, she has implemented similar strategies with other students with special needs, tailoring educational content to be more accessible through visual art. She expresses that such adaptations are not commonly employed across school districts for students with autism and other special needs, despite the potential benefits.

The story also highlights Stratford’s creation of blank books specifically designed for her son. These books allow him to express his thoughts and understanding through drawings, providing an alternative communication avenue that aligns with his cognitive preferences.

Alicia Smith from Channel 7, who conducted the interview with Stratford, confirms the broadcast times and the availability of the segment on the station’s website after it airs. This feature aims to shed light on innovative educational techniques that integrate art with academic learning for students with autism, potentially influencing broader educational practices.

Images courtesy of Crissy Stratford