Revel Run is at 555 Dancer Road. photo by Lonnie Huhman

From the ashes of the former golf course’s clubhouse comes a local destination spot called Revel Run. It’s a unique place set up in three parts: an event space, equestrian park and biergarten.

Coming up on St. Patrick’s weekend, March 15-17, there will be a chance for the public to see the new and improved location, when the grand opening of the Foxhole at Revel Run celebrates the unveiling of the Biergarten. With food trucks, live music and drinks, the Foxhole will be open that weekend Friday 4 to 10 p.m., Saturday noon to 10 p.m. and Sunday noon to 8 p.m.

Located at 555 Dancer Road in Lima Township, not too far from Chelsea and Dexter, Revel Run is a multipurpose property that many remember as the former home of the old Reddeman Farms golf course. The clubhouse was destroyed by fire back in 2017.

But that was a long time ago and now there’s renewed life on the over 100 acres off of Dancer. The Sun Times News (STN) connected with Revel Run’s owners to see what it’s all about.

Owners Jim and Darlyn Daratony describe Revel Run as 150 acres of beautiful land that has on it a wedding and event center with an elegant rustic, Yellowstone look and vibe called The Overlook and then on the lower level is the fun Biergarten called The Foxhole, which is open to the public Friday through Sundays (and Thursdays come summer).

Here’s a look at The Overlook at Revel Run. Its lower level is home to the Foxhole. photo by Lonnie Huhman

The land that was formerly a golf course has now been transformed into a complete and diverse equestrian park.

“Simply put,” the Daratonys said, “it is a beautiful gathering place for family and friends, including some four-legged equine friends.”

With its family-friendly amenities and atmosphere that encourages one to enjoy the splendor of this remarkable parcel of land, the Darantonys said Revel Run’s mission is to be an inclusive place where anyone can come out to enjoy a good brew and revel in the moment. They said it’s a place to soak up the sun in the country setting in summer, gather for your favorite sports games in the fall, and take in the breathtaking view in the winter.

“It is intended to be a place where one can find peace and joy,” they said of Revel Run. “We feel the property represents the beauty of this world and aligns with the lyrics to the Blake Shelton song, ‘God’s Country’.”

After the fire left the golf course’s clubhouse in ruins, the property was left vacant until the Daratonys purchased it in May 2019. They are the former owners of Cobblestone Farms, which was an equestrian facility just outside of Dexter. They sold that facility to take on the rebuilding of 555 Dancer Road.

They immediately went to work on the grounds, and at the same time, renovation on the big old barn (where many golfers pelted the side of it with their slices from tee #2) also started.

“The barn was built in 1908 and after many months of cleaning and refurbishing the building, the ‘Silo’ was born and looks stunning,” Jim Daratony said.

The new building construction (The Overlook and The Foxhole) began in late 2020, Daratony said, and “progressed slowly through the COVID years, finally reaching its completion in March of 2024.”

The equestrian park is also an important part of their mission. The Daratonys said Revel Run seeks to be a place where equine enthusiasts can bring their horses to ride, train, compete, or just hack around the beautiful cross-country course and terrain; where the public can see and experience one of the most beautiful creatures God has put on this planet.

The park is open to all equestrian disciplines and invites riders and trainers at all levels to come and share in the joy of riding there. They said they also seek to keep alive one of the oldest equestrian Olympic sports called “Eventing,” which is a sport from pre-WWI where officers used to compete their horses to see who had the fittest and fastest, bravest yet best-mannered horse to carry battle orders and communications through and over the vast and harsh terrain of the battlefields.

The public is invited to come and experience the national Eventing competitions that will be hosted at Revel Run, where they welcome riders from all across the country, including Olympic riders, to the grounds. They will also host several smaller competitions, some including different equine disciplines which are fascinating to watch. They do have opportunities for people to volunteer at the shows (no experience necessary) and “be part of the exciting and high-energy events.”

STN asked about the name and what inspired it. The name has a deep significance for them.

“About 10 years ago our son went through the tough battle with cancer,” they said. “After multiple surgeries and several tough treatments, he successfully beat it. During this time, he realized he wanted to do something different in life.”

The Daratonys said he desired to create a craft brewery of his own, which came to be after collaborating with a couple of close friends. They named it Revelry Brewing Company, born in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Shortly after that, at our horse farm in Dexter, a colt was born out of the sire Satin Art, an athletic warm-blood national champion event horse from Ann Arbor,” the Daratonys recalled. “Following the required use of the sires’ first part of their name, we named our new addition, Satin Revelry. Otherwise known as ‘Revel,’ this colt was a representation and celebration of our son beating cancer and the success of his new business.”

Then about five years later their daughters got wind that the Reddeman Farms golf course had closed down and the land was up for sale.

“Well, that was it…visions and dreams started to fly as we saw the potential this property had for both the equestrian community and the community surrounding this land,” they said.

Unaware of the quality of the grounds, they took Revel, who had grown to “be a big beautiful, black horse,” by trailer to the golf course to test the land.

“He loved it,” they said.

“Our youngest daughter galloped him across the rolling hills while we videotaped them from a moving ATV,” they remembered.

They said it was beautiful to watch as they galloped around the entire course, “but Dad, not knowing he was spooking the horse, drove faster as the horse ran faster and faster, until the rider finally yelled (loud enough) ‘stop Dad!’”

In the end, they said everyone was safe, dad was in trouble, “but more than that we came up with the name ‘Revel Run,’ as it was a majestic sight seeing him run on the property while being able to connect the name of our son’s brewery.”

STN asked them what makes Revel Run unique.

They said it will be its ability to offer everyone “a place away from the city and tight spaces to a stunning and vast venue where one can find peace and solace with friends and family, or by themselves.”

“To ‘revel’ means to celebrate with overwhelming joy and we plan to grow an atmosphere that does just that,” the Daratonys said. “Revel Run will be a place where anyone can ‘revel in the moment’ and take a break from their busy agendas, stop and be still, and get some balance in everyday life. It is unique in that it’s not just a place to grab a drink or food, but a place to have an experience.”

To learn more, about The Overlook, details on equestrian shows, as well as all the fun things planned for at The Foxhole, go to

“Officially opening March of this year, Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, the public is welcomed and invited to come and ‘revel in the moment’ with the Revel Run team as the doors are opened for the first time,” said the Daratonys.

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