As a true community undertaking, the fundraising for the project to reimagine TimberTown park continues forward.

The current phase of fundraising to help make the rebuild a go is the Picket Legacy Program, which offers the opportunity to be part of the legacy of the park.

“By sponsoring a picket for your family, child, parent, group, or organization, you’re not only supporting the upkeep of our beloved park but also leaving a meaningful mark for future generations to admire. Each picket represents a story, a memory, and a commitment to preserving the beauty and enhancing the accessibility and essence of our community space,” the project webpage says.

As the park has gotten older and more worn down, this community project was organized to include the City of Chelsea, Washtenaw County Parks & Rec., Gestamp, Chelsea Area Friends for Recreation, Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative (HWPI), Chelsea State Bank (CSB), Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce, Chelsea Hospital, Chelsea Community Foundation, 5 Healthy Towns/Chelsea Wellness Coalition, community volunteers, businesses and organizations.

With fun pickelball courts, a revitalized play structure, a spot for a B2B Trailhead along with the pathway to renewal, all of these people are working together to help reimagine and renew TimberTown.

Emily Taylor Penix, TimberTown Marketing and Communications Chair, said, “We are making a big push between now and June 22, for our Picket Legacy Program. Fence pickets can be customized to honor your family, a friend, or an organization with donations of $250 and more.”

These funds from the community will be matched by CSB and an anonymous donor, up to $100,000 or $50,000 each.

They are currently halfway there with just over $50,000 in donations.

The end goal is $100,000 in community funds to make the project a success.

“With a $250 donation per picket, you can personalize a fence picket, ensuring that your imprint becomes a lasting part of our community’s story,” Taylor Penix said. “This collective effort, with names and heartfelt messages from both people with us and those whom we miss and are memorializing, the project is a testament to our community’s strength, unity, and cooperation.”

The pickets will be made from the same marine grade structural plastic used in the 30 plus new play features. The new elements in the project will be made from brightly colored composite materials. This means the renewed park will not only have a completely new vibrant feel, but the updated materials will be much more durable with an expected longevity of up to 50 years, said Taylor Penix.

“It’s a very special thing to be a part of a project that improves my children’s favorite park, but also one that will outlast my days,” she said.

Looking ahead to build week, which is scheduled for Aug. 6-11, the organizers are getting more and more excited and are hopeful for the Picket Legacy Program push.

Jeff Hardcastle, a co-chair of project, said this summer’s rebuild will follow the same script as the effort that originally built the park in 1997.

“Hundreds of volunteers of all ages and skill levels working together over 5-6 days to complete the project,” Hardcastle said. “That site between August 6th and 11th will be a sight to behold and the build will be an amazing experience for everyone involved.”

Shawn Personke, a co-chair of the project, said it will be a modern day barn raising!

“It’s going to be an amazing week!” Personke said of Aug. 6-11.

To learn more and how you can help, go to For the Picket Legacy Program, go to

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