Wastewater Superintendant Jason Freeman presents to the Chelsea City Council at its April 15, 2024 meeting. Photo courtesy of the City of Chelsea.

At its April 15, 2024, meeting the Chelsea City Council approved the purchase of recycling bins and dog waste receptacles for use in the city’s most popular public areas. A Washtenaw County Waste Reduction Sponsorship program grant will cover more than 50% of the project’s expenses.

Wastewater Superintendant Jason Freeman explained that six bins will be spread throughout downtown and four will be installed in city parks. He says that the city will empty the bins weekly and the recyclable material will be collected by Western Washtenaw Recycling.

With the grant covering $7,500 of the $13,000 total, the city agreed to cover the balance. The price also includes pet waste bags and dispensers that will be located near the trash bins in the same areas.

Expected to be in place by early this summer, the new bins will encourage visitors to dispose of their plastic water bottles and aluminum cans in a more sustainable way, while the pet waste bags will make cleaning up after pets more sanitary.

Following Freeman’s remarks Mayor Jane Pacheco said, “I will say that this has been something that community members have wanted for quite a long time. They’ve been talking about it at the DDA meetings for probably the last two or three years. I’m excited to see this coming to fruition and I applaud our staff who have been able to find some grant funds for it.”

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