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Lodi Township Police Report, May 2024

In May 2024, Deputies responded to 272 calls for police service in Lodi Township, up from 228 the previous year, a 19% increase. Total calls for 2024 (Jan-May) are 1,172, up from 1,118 for the same period last year, a 5% increase.

Officers conducted 133 traffic stops, up from 101 last year. Forty-one citations were issued.

Notable events from the police call log include:

  • One sexual assault
  • One assault
  • 14 crashes
  • One medical assist
  • 14 citizen assists
  • Three welfare checks
  • Three mental health
  • Two credit card frauds
  • One death investigation
  • One OUI
  • Two school bus violations
  • One drug overdose
  • Two identity thefts
  • One bike/vehicle crash

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office reported the following details to Lodi Township:

On May 9, a Collaboration Deputy responded to the 5400 Block of Village Road for a report of an Identity Theft. The complainant reported that an unknown suspect attempted to open multiple credit cards in their name. It is unknown to the banks, credit card companies, or the complaint who the suspect is that attempted this fraud.

On May 13, a Collaboration Deputy responded to the 500 Block of Erikas Woods Court for a report of Fraud. The complainant reported that their debit card was used fraudulently, and approximately $20,000 was unaccounted for. It is believed that a debit card belonging to the complainant was stolen from the mail and used at various locations in Detroit. A search warrant to reveal banking information is currently underway.

On May 17, a Collaboration Deputy responded to the 5400 Block of West Ellsworth Road for a report of Credit Card Fraud. The complainant reported that their credit card was used by an unknown suspect totaling $9,000.

The complete May 2024 police call log can be found at the link below.

May 2024 Lodi Township Monthly Call Report