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Dexter Township is Proud of its New Master Plan

After a two-year process, Dexter Township now has an updated master plan that is designed to create a vision for the township.

The plan was approved by board of trustees in January. It was used to help the township form its new budget, which was also approved at the Feb. 20 meeting. The Sun Times News connected with township supervisor Karen Sikkenga to learn about the master plan.

In a recent “in the loop,” which is an update message from the township, it said the plan was now in place and it finalized the end of an approximate two-year project.

“Through multiple community engagements and meetings the master plan was developed as a policy guide designed to create a vision of what Dexter Township wants to look like in the future,” the “in the loop” update said. ““It will guide our community in our decisions on land use development and preservation.”

Sikkenga said, “Dexter Township is very proud of our new master plan.”

“We feel it captures the spirit and intentions of the residents and Board of Trustees,” she said.

The themes of the Master Plan that stand out for Sikkenga are:

* Preservation of the township’s Agricultural Heritage
* Protection of the Natural Resources
* Management of township traffic
* Thoughtful planning for future development
* Creating a sustainable community

The “in the loop” update said the plan earmarks five major cornerstones with underlying building blocks.

“The cornerstones include Preservation of our Agricultural Heritage, Protection of our Natural Resources, Management of Our Traffic, Thoughtful Planning for Future Development and Creating a Sustainable Community. These building blocks along with our strategic plan will guide your Boards decision making process in the upcoming years.”

Sikkenga said the Master Plan themes, the Strategic Plan goals (Good Government, Environmental Stewardship, Communication, and Community Enrichment) are synergistic.

“Together they provided the Board of Trustees with the framework to deploy taxpayer dollars strategically in accordance with the community’s priorities, with the FY (fiscal year) 2024-25 budget that was approved at the Feb. 20, 2024 meeting,” Sikkenga said. “Our Board’s policy achievements, such as bringing all the local connectors roads up to good condition, launching a farmland and open space preservation program, and offering MetroParks passes to Dexter Township residents, all reflect the priorities that emerged from the community as we created these plans.”

To see the plan, go to https://www.dextertownship.org/final-version-of-dexter-townships-master-plan/.