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Plans for new uses at the old Quality 16 movie theater moves forward in Scio Township

The old movie theater is located at 3686 Jackson Road. photo by Lonnie Huhman

The plan to bring new life and uses to the closed down Goodrich Quality 16 Movie Theater location is moving forward.

At its March 19 meeting, the Scio Township Board held a public hearing on the request and plans to make some changes at the site. The township board did make a decision on the request.

Township Planning/Zoning Consultant Laura Kreps said Etkin Management, LLC has requested “a major amendment to the approved Goodrich Theater PUD. The request is to allow a variety of land uses in place of the existing theater building. The entire PUD contains 15 acres over three parcels which are owned by separate entities that share parking and cross access rights. Any modification to the proposed uses and/or associated site improvements shall be specific to the Theater parcel as the applicant does not have control of the other two parcels within the existing PUD.”

Kreps said this was the second public hearing being held by the Township Board on this major PUD amendment. On July 11, 2023, an initial hearing was conducted and no action taken. Since that meeting, Kreps said an internal subcommittee of township officials, staff and consultants has met with the developer and neighboring property owners to refine the list of proposed uses.

The revised list of uses includes:

As a Stand-Alone Development:

  • Multi-Family Residential, with a density of 25 units/acre, and up to five stories in height with parking of 1.5 spaces per unit. Density of up to 30 units/acre, and up to six stories in height with parking of 1.5 spaces per unit, with a condition that 10 percent of units be dedicated as below market rate housing with details to be agreed upon in future affordability agreement with Scio Township.
  • Office/technology research.
  • Entertainment/indoor recreation which may include restaurants/bar.

As part of a Mixed Use, which is categorized as including two or more of the above approved uses.

  • Retail.
  • Grocery.
  • Medical Office/Dental Office.
  • Restaurant/Bars (with a maximum of 125 seats).

During the public hearing, the ownership of Carlyle Grill spoke and said they want to see the old movie site developed, but they also have concerns about parking, especially if another restaurant or two comes in with over 100 seats. They said they see a compromise to move forward and hope the township would adjust the plan so it could allow restaurants, but with around 75 seats rather than seating for over 100.

This concern was also expressed by some others during the public hearing.

Taking in the comments from the public, planners and neighboring business owners, the township board did approve the Goodrich Theater Major PUD Amendment with the condition that any development brought forward to replace the existing theater building would be subject to a full site plan review and approval pursuant to Article VI, Site Plan Review of the Scio Township Zoning Ordinance. The board’s approval also noted the concerns cited about restaurant seating and said their decision includes allowing the plan to potentially allow two restaurant establishments with 40 seats each or one with 75 seats.