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Local Community Organizer Files to Run for State Representative

Democratic candidate for Michigan State Representative in House District 33, Morgan Foreman. Photo courtesy of Friends of Morgan Foreman.

Long-time community organizer and Ann Arbor resident Morgan Foreman has filed to run for State Representative in Michigan’s 33rd House District. Foreman hopes to replace her former boss and current HD-33 State Representative Felicia Brabec, who has opted not to run for re-election and will instead be running for a State Senate seat in 2026. Foreman served as Representative Brabec’s Director of Constituent Services for three and half years before deciding to run for office herself.

“Someone like me was never meant to run for office. I don’t come from money, and I don’t have a lot of privileges or inherent power. But I do have a heart for the people. I’ve worked in and around local community spaces in Washtenaw County my entire life and gained invaluable experience working alongside Rep. Brabec in Lansing,” reads her website.

Foreman says her time as an educator and community organizer coupled with her experience in Lansing has her well-positioned to represent the district. “I learned a great deal while working in the legislature. I learned how things get done and what the real process is,” she told STN.

A crucial factor in her decision, though, was being asked by her community peers. “I’ve gotten to know the community and the community has gotten to know me. I think the key is that the community came to me and asked me if I would run. I think that when people have confidence in you, and people want your voice at the table and want your leadership, that means a lot.”

Foreman’s campaign website lists several issues she plans to address if elected but when asked to name her top priorities she quickly identified consumer protection as one of them. Citing the overwhelming number of constituent complaints related to the local utilities Brabec’s office has received she said, “Nobody should be losing medications, food, breast milk, or be worried about their loved ones on oxygen or at-home dialysis, and scrambling to take care of people because our utility grid is not up to the standards of 2024.”

As a primary caregiver for her own grandmother, Foreman says support for the senior community and enhanced senior services will be another priority for her if elected. “I think that we really need to look at caregivers and seniors and see what their needs are and what support looks like for them so that people can age in place and have many healthy years ahead of them.”

Foreman says a third top priority would be increased investment in K-20 education because even though the state has increased funding for education in recent years, there is still much more to be done. From special education and transition programs to teacher compensation to student and educator mental health, she says there is no shortage of areas needing attention.

Though she has plenty of ideas for addressing these priorities, success will require that her solutions serve the needs of all of her constituents and not just those who voted for her. When asked how she plans to ensure that she replied, “Listening is my plan. I want to hear their issues. I want to know their side of the issue and see where we can find common ground.”

To reach the general election, Foreman will first need to win the Democratic primary election on August 6, 2024, where she faces candidate Rima Mohammad. HD-33 includes Ann Arbor, Saline, Pittsfield Township, Scio Township, York Township, Lodi Township, and Bridgewater Township.