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Lyndon Township is getting the word out on the Broadband transition

Lyndon Township is transitioning to a new operator for the community-owned broadband network. To make sure this is a smooth change, it’s asking the community for some help.

The new operator is ACD.net, which is based in Lansing. Township officials say the existing operator is not giving the township access to the needed customer contact information, so they have to “re-collect” all of that information. The cutover date is July 1, 2024, so this is an issue with some urgency.

It’s the township’s goal to get this information out to township residents as soon as possible.

The township and ACD.net sent out a letter to residents about the transition.

“Dear Resident,
Lyndon Township’s broadband network provides essential services to most of our residents. As you know, the township has selected ACD.net, based in Lansing, Michigan, to operate our community-owned broadband network, effective July 1, 2024.

ACD.net is nearing completion of Infrastructure assessment, and technical setup of hardware and software configuration and will transition over to complete management of the network within the next 60 days.
Our current provider will not be giving us access to existing contact information records. This contact information is essential for our transition. ACD is undertaking a significant effort to “re-collect” this information as well as the authorization to transfer telephone service if you have subscribed to that service.

All of this information is required to ensure that ACD can communicate with residents to provide support and billing services. Please visit this website as soon as possible and help out by providing your contact information.”

Lyndon Township gives some background information on this on its broadband webpage:

“In 2018, while constructing its network, Lyndon Township entered a 5-year contract with MEC (Midwest Energy and Communications), an internet service provider (ISP), to provide internet services to residents of the Township. The 5-year term of the contract was designed to provide Township residents with internet service during an initial term and short enough in duration so that the Township could reevaluate the service and options available at the end of the initial term. The current contract with MEC continues through June, 2024, but it also required the parties to determine no later than January 2, 2024 whether the contract would be renewed. For any service, including internet, the Township’s goal is for residents to receive the best possible service at the lowest reasonable price.”

As the contract was nearing its end, the township took another look at this service and new proposals.

The township said, “After careful research and evaluation, the Oversight Committee and Lyndon Township determined that ACD.NET will provide the most benefit to the residents of Lyndon Township.”

To get there, the township said “The Oversight Committee conducted in-depth reviews with ACD.NET’s engineering department to understand the technologies they employ, how that will integrate with the Township’s network, its ability to accomplish a successful transition, and its ability to provide ongoing technical support and management. The Oversight Committee also contacted current ACD.NET customers to determine the level of customer satisfaction and the responsiveness and reliability of support systems.”

As for why the contact info is needed, Gary Munce, who has helped  guide the broadband effort for the community, said, “This information is vital for a successful  transition and for the operation of the network.   For the transition,  ACD wants  to be able to contact the subscriber if there are any  operational problems in the conversion.  Also, during the conversion,  having direct input  from end-users helps us confirm that the equipment and their service  is working.”

Munce said, “For  operation of the network , this contact information is required for establishing  billing  accounts,  notifications of  upgrades  and maintenance, as well as for security in providing   a way to authenticate subscribers  prior to making changes that they  may request to the to their account, like changing passwords, changing your service, etc.”

He said they we “people to know that the Township is taking every step necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. In this case that means  we have to undertake  this contact information gathering effort. We understand and  appreciate concerns resident may have about supplying this information and want to do whatever we can to reassure them this is legitimate. At the same the time we need to be clear about the necessity of having this information to transition and operate our community owned network.”

So here are some resources to help get this done:

Visit: acd.net/lyndontownship

To submit your contact information and authorization to transfer phone service. For us to ensure that we can process the transfer, this is required to be done by May 30th, 2024

If you have any questions, you may contact ACD.net 24X7X365 at:
acd.net/lyndontownship, you can chat with a representative there as well

You may also contact the Lyndon Township Office at: