The sonorous strains of traditional Celtic music are set to resonate throughout Chelsea High School’s auditorium on November 4, as Chelsea House Orchestra (CHO) takes center stage at 7 p.m. for their annual Hometown Show. Reverberating with the copacetic fusion of Scottish, Irish, and American folk melodies, CHO’s “Celtic with a Kick” promises an evening where energetic beats will encourage every toe to be tapping.

Celebrated for over two decades for their exhilarating music, CHO is rooted in the rich musical tradition of Chelsea. Their masterful blend of age-old Celtic tunes is interspersed with a touch of modern and diverse cultural influences.

The evening won’t just spotlight CHO. Beach Middle School’s Fiddle Club, orchestrated by Nathan Peters with the support of high school cadets Austin Copenhaver, Josh Gregory, and Sonja Schemahorn, is poised to charm the audience.

Moreover, the North Creek Fiddlers, a group with its origins rooted in serenading North Creek Elementary students since 2005, will showcase their journey. The band has seen an evolving lineup, with stalwarts like Wesley Fritzemeier and Chris Tarasow at its core for over 15 years. Their ranks have been further bolstered by former CHO artists Peter Mourad and Tom Kennings.

Another stellar addition to the lineup is the multi-talented Brad Phillips. Recognized increasingly as a progressive string teacher, Phillips’ expertise isn’t limited to just the violin. He’s also a reputable mandolinist, guitarist, vocalist, and a true raconteur. With an eclectic background ranging from jazz to classical violin, his versatility extends to record production, composition, and even acting at Chelsea’s Purple Rose Theatre.

The Hometown Show is symbolic of CHO’s triumphant return post an intensive 2023 tour, which witnessed performances from the quaint locales of Williamston, Dexter, Dunkirk (Indiana), the Alma Highland Festival, and festivals in Muskegon and Pennsylvania, to international stages in Spain.

Patrons can contribute to the troupe’s cause as proceeds from ticket sales and donations funnel into sustaining the ensemble’s artistic journey, covering expenses from equipment acquisitions to educational excursions.

For those interested, tickets are pegged at $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors, available online and at the venue from 6 p.m. on the event day.

For more information, followers can tune into “chelseahouseorchestra” on Facebook and Instagram or visit their official website at Queries can be directed to Phillip Sylvester at

Photo by Crystal Heyduk

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