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Milan, Milan Government

Milan Embarks on Multi-Million-Dollar Road Revitalization

County St. Bridge. Image: Google streetview.

In a letter to residents, Milan Mayor Ed Kolar has announced a series of infrastructure projects set to commence in 2024.

Three key bridges within Milan’s jurisdiction are scheduled for repairs in spring and summer. Specifically, the Carpenter Road Bridge is due for a 30-day closure for epoxy overlay works starting in early to mid-March. Subsequently, repair works will proceed to the bridge on County Street for the same duration. Moreover, the Plank Road Bridge is designated for a comprehensive overhaul, which is projected to initiate around July 4th, leading to an estimated 90-day closure.

In addition to the bridge maintenance, a substantial reconstruction of County Street, extending from U.S. 23 to Dexter Street, is on the city’s agenda. The project is a joint financial endeavor involving Milan’s municipal funds and federal allocations. Although initially set for completion in the fall of 2023, unforeseen delays involving railroad agreements have deferred the project to an early March start, with a forecasted finish by early June 2024. Coordination efforts are reported to align these undertakings with the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) bridge projects, which are dependent on railroad cooperation.

The city has also addressed broader infrastructure initiatives, focusing on local roadways and utility systems. Collaborating with the city’s engineering firm OHM, Milan has finalized a road asset management plan and is nearing completion of a water asset management plan. These developments arise in response to the aging water and sewer systems beneath the city’s road infrastructure. City officials have indicated these plans are intended to address the substantial infrastructural demands of Milan methodically.

“The message I want to get to all our residents is that we are fully aware of every road condition in the city, and we understand that many of them are in less than desirable condition,” Kolar said in the letter. “The challenge that we face with our current infrastructure needs is a daunting and extremely expensive one. Your Milan City Council and City Administration are committed to putting a fiscally responsible plan in motion to begin addressing these infrastructure needs. We are just starting to build the framework of this strategic plan to execute our goals and work towards the infrastructure that our residents deserve.”

In a recent social media post, Kolar added the City of Milan has recently experienced notable progress in securing funding for city improvements, with over $7 million in grants obtained in the past year. This financial boost is set to address city enhancements pending for two decades. A synergy between the city staff and the council has catalyzed the initiation of significant projects. An extensive 18-month period of development and upgrades is on the horizon, promising visible transformations for the community.

“Nothing is perfect, though,” continued Kolar on the post. “Milan needs 20+ million dollars in road and water main replacements over the next ten years. We have a plan, but that kind of investment takes time to finance. It took 20 years to get this bad, and we’ll do our best to make a difference the residents can see.”

As the construction season approaches, the City of Milan advises residents to anticipate increased travel times due to heightened traffic conditions. The city requests the public’s patience during the disruptions caused by roadwork. Commuters are also urged to exercise caution and vigilance in the presence of road crews, adhering to safety protocols, including reducing speed and providing clearance in construction areas to protect the workforce.