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Main Street Park Alliance Gives Project Update

By STN Staff

Chelsea’s Main Street Park Alliance (MSPA) recently announced its progress on the much-anticipated project that will convert a blighted industrial lot into a novel city park.

MSPA states in its newsletter, “As reported in our last update, according to the National Recreation and Parks Association, a community the size of Chelsea should have 56 acres of parkland. Chelsea has 35 acres, nearly 40% less than the national standard; most of this parkland is located on the periphery of the population center, and much of that acreage is wooded or wetlands. The total acreage associated with Main Street Park is 2.82 acres, dropping the deficit to 32%, and this park is located within the city center. The park overview below identifies the allocation of specific amenities and activities space.”

As construction is slated to begin in early 2025, with completion expected by year’s end, MSPA has also emphasized ecological sensitivity and environmental restoration as core components of the project. Initiatives include the integration of native trees, a rain garden, and a vegetative buffer, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing local environmental conditions and sustainability. Moreover, the project has received the green light from the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy for its environmental remediation plan. To review the park timeline, visit www.mainstreetpark.org.

The park’s design process has been a collaborative effort between MSPA, design firm VIRIDIS, and the community. Through focus groups, open houses, and outreach sessions, the alliance has gathered feedback, leading to a design concept approved by a 7-1 City Council vote. This consensus highlights the project’s alignment with the community’s vision and the effort to honor the site’s history while making it relevant for future generations.

A notable aspect of the development is the inclusion of a skate park, for which MSPA is actively seeking participation from skaters in the design process with Spohn Ranch Skateparks. Those interested in giving input can contact MSPA at info@mainstreetpark.org.

In 2024, MSPA will explore numerous grant opportunities. Those interested in supporting the park initiative can do so at https://www.mainstreetpark.org/donation

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