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It’s great to hear about the fundraising efforts of the Chelsea Education Foundation (CEF) and the Educational Foundation of Dexter (EFD) for their respective communities. Collaborative fundraising like this can have a significant positive impact on education in both areas.

Here’s a summary of the key information and how you can get involved:

  1. The BIG GAME: The fundraising competition between CEF and EFD will culminate at halftime during the October 20 Chelsea vs. Dexter high school football game.
  2. Rivalry Match: Although Dexter and Chelsea are football rivals, the foundations are teaming up to raise money for educational grants.
  3. Fundraising Efforts: Both foundations are actively fundraising in the weeks leading up to the game. Donations are being accepted through their websites and social media pages.
  4. Check the Leaderboard: You can track the progress of the fundraising competition and see who is in the lead by visiting the websites of CEF ( and EFD (
  5. Game-Day Donations: If you’re attending the football game on October 20, you can make donations by credit card, cash or by check.
  6. Support and School Spirit: There will be fun games and giveaways at the game to show your support and school spirit.
  7. How to Donate Online: To donate online, you can visit the following links:

By supporting these foundations, you can contribute to the educational grants in both communities and help make it a win-win for the students. Don’t forget to check the websites for updates and to see which foundation is currently leading in the fundraising competition. Your support can make a difference in the education of students in Chelsea and Dexter.


Since 1999, Chelsea Education Foundation has impacted over 52,000 students through efforts and activities in the Chelsea School District. Over 1.2 million dollars have been donated to fund programs like #whyyoumatter, CHS Link Crew, 6th-grade camp, 5th-grade ukuleles, classroom-level books, preschool water tables, and scholarships to students showcasing outstanding performance.

Since 1985, the Educational Foundation of Dexter has awarded over $1.1million in teacher/district grants that support students from Pre-K to 12th Grade in the Dexter Community Schools. Just a few of the grants funded last year include a new Creekside Garden Outdoor Learning Space, new marimba for the Dexter Band Program, iPad tablets for the DHS Art Dept., CNC Router for the Science Dept., Disability Awareness Workshop series, High-Interest Books for Struggling Readers, and many field trips all across the district.

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