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Life, I’m Coming for You

Life, I’m Coming for You

Greetings fellow Tribe of Up members. The ToU is not an actual tribe per say, but more of a state of mind. Here in the ToU, we chose to find the good in things. Our mission statement is simple: To advocate for more joy. The negative, polarizing, and hateful can never be completely tuned out. Sadly, it has become too easy to garner click bates and subscribers talking about election cycles, end of days, doomsday, and other negative topics. Since we can’t shut it off, we here in the ToU have installed dimmer switches. We just turn it down while we are cheering for the good, clapping for those who pay it forward, and shouting about people who say good morning and mean it.

I gain inspiration from many incredible people out there. As amazing as this guy is, he is also a bit well, weird. But since his name is Steve, he must be ok. Steve Willis is a YouTuber who has a channel about all things, stealth camping. He goes into places no one would expect someone to be spending the night to be. In roundabouts, rest stops, and other strange areas all over Canada. He is always respectful and not only hauls all his trash away but brings extra garbage bags to pick up other’s litter he finds. Steve is inspirational. Steve has also had some tough times in 2023. His wife passed away unexpectedly this past year. He took time away from his channel but when he came back, he looked into his handheld camera and said these words.

“Life, I’m coming for you.”

Those five words floored me. I hope they floor you. Here is a remarkably simple man who lost in his own words, “his entire world” and yet after grieving, is going to give life all it can handle. What a warrior! Life, I’m coming for you. I have thought long and hard about this article and I wanted to take a quick second to challenge you to go after life. Think about it. Have a real, honest to goodness think about it. Say those words aloud. Do it now. Who cares if someone else is within earshot as you read this. Your brain needs to hear your mouth say those powerful five words. Let’s say it together.

Life, I’m coming for you.

I’m coming for physical health this year. I’ve known what I need to do for some time, but I will show you no mercy. Healthy 2024 will happen. Life, I’m coming for you.

I’m coming to change the world, one kind act at a time. I do not care if no one else ever knows. I will know. The world will know. Kindness must win my friends. We can no longer kick this can down the road. We must let life know it does not stand a chance if it wants to try and steal kindness from us. No thank you, no way, no how. Life, I’m coming for you.

I’m coming for more spiritual health in 2024. I’ve always been a spiritual man but believing that there is something out there greater than myself keeps pushing me to be better at this thing called life. Life, I’m coming for you.

I’m coming to be a better friend. Life, you should give up on this one right now. I have some amazing friends. It is time they see the absolute best friend I can be every time they interact with me. Life, I’m coming for you.

My friends, do these sound-like simple new year’s resolutions to you? Yes, me neither. That is because they are not. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of hiding my light for fear of laughter or ridicule by those who pray for the rain then curse at the puddles. Well, no more. Happiness rounds for everyone! Find joy and scream about it. If you see an opportunity for a good act, do it. Remember, you will not be alone. There will be an entire tribe out there doing the same and cheering you on. When life knocks us down, lend a hand and get back up. The dirtiest person wins. Life, bring it on. I’m coming for you. Who is with me? Tribe, it is time.

It’s time!

Steve Gwisdalla is a Dexter resident and the Owner, Chief Kindness Officer, Vice President of Strategic Joy Advocating and Lead Cheerleader of Better Place Consulting. BPC is a personal and professional success coaching firm. It’s just me. Me and my hundreds of books, articles, experiences, and joy. If you need some help, please reach out to me at steve@betterplacemgmt.com.